Your Body For His Glory* (IV)


*Your Body For His Glory* (IV)

_Key Bible Text:_
*"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.* (Romans 12:1 (KJV))

_Bible Insight:_

The FOURTH godly problem with self-stimulation is this - God created sex and designed the sexual experience to be within the covenant of marriage. There is no other setting for sex or sexual activity. Sex begins with touching, not of yourself but of the other person. This is why in a church program several years ago, a question was asked where sex begins, or where sex starts from. And I answered that it begins from touching or even holding hands, and people were like Nooooooo! Ahn ahn!! So I asked if anyone was willing to give me their wife for a test; let me just hold her hands and rub her hands

And they shouted again "Noooooooo!"

I was not even right. Sex begins, as Jesus said, in the heart; and once the heart is thinking sexually, every touch and even every look, is sexual in nature; and immoral. Unless the person you are touching is your wife; and is also interested in touching you at that time. God created sex for intimacy between husband and wife, not for pleasing or gratifying ourselves. Masturbation does not improve intimacy between husband and wife

I could say, follow me in marriage, as I follow Christ (assuming I were married)

I could say, follow me in intimacy with my wife, as I follow Christ; 

But could I say, follow my example in masturbation, as I follow Christ?

The answer is NO.

In summary, masturbation, although not necessarily called a sin in itself, is a self-gratifying addiction, which is a weight; and is never far from lust, which is a sin. It is therefore important to remove lust and other sinful activities from our bodies and minds, so that we may indeed present our bodies to God and pursue holiness, as is fitting for all God's children.

FINALLY, know this: there are many fine Christian young men: both single and married, WHO DO NOT MASTURBATE. They are not specially anointed or gifted. They have just learnt to glorify God with their bodies, to cut out of their lives any viewing of or thinking about erotic thoughts, and bring their appetites under the control of God's Spirit. Many of them were once given to sexual impurity but one day the Day Light dawned on them; it fell off like water off a camel's back. ..

"No! This is not for me."

*You can also yield your body to the living God as His temple, and become God conscious in your life until you begin to experience real purity and chastity, in living for God and loving your spouse.*

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